Giles Hoover's digital home for book design and fine photography. Features Foreword, a book design blog.
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A Quality of Imagination

Book Design — Architecture and Landscape Photography — Custom Photography

A book designer for more than twenty years. A photographer since the days of darkrooms. Giles Hoover is able to combine photography and design into the best book projects you can imagine. Put his professionalism to work for you.

Book Design

Hundreds of projects completed — add yours!

  • Hardcover and jacket design
  • Trade paperback cover design
  • Academic journal cover design
  • Interior design for hardcovers, journals, and trade paperbacks
  • Printed promotional material design
  • Self-publishers welcome

Architecture Photography

Constructing the most detailed imagery

Examined from someone who always aspired to be an architect, but is too much an artist and not enough of an engineer, Giles’ first photographic love is buildings, towns, and cities. From his current home in Georgia to locales all over the Eastern United States — and a few in England — he’s enjoyed few things more than exploring with camera in-hand, so all can share the passion.

Landscape Photography

Mountaintop to seaside

From the coasts of Maine to Florida to the peaks of the Blue Ridge, the Eastern United States has been a photographic playground for more than fifteen years. Whether the texture of tree bark, fields of flowers, mountain paths, or beach paradises, Giles has specialized in the details that make up the whole. Prints and a variety of merchandise are available for your enjoyment or gift-giving pleasure.

Custom Photography

Bespoke imagery for your project

Whether a specific location, object, or even personality, projects sometimes require individualized photography. Giles excels at joining custom imagery with book design, graphic design, or promotional materials. Take your project to the next level with customization.

Get the Latest

Read Foreword

Giles Hoover’s blog, Foreword, highlights topics from book design to logos and branding to updates to site content, including his latest photography. Be up to date.