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Book Design – Architecture and Landscape Photography – Custom Photography

A book designer for more than twenty years. A photographer since the days of darkrooms. Giles Hoover is able to combine photography and design into the best book projects imaginable. Put his creativity to work for you.

Book Design

Will work for books.

Organization and experience combined with talent.

With more than twenty years’ experience, Giles has worked on a huge variety of titles and would be happy to work with you. Bring your project to a wider audience with sophisticated design.

Hundreds of projects completed — add yours!
  • Hardcover and jacket design
  • Trade paperback cover design
  • Academic journal cover design
  • Interior design for hardcovers, journals, and trade paperbacks
  • Printed promotional material design
  • Self-publishers welcome

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Have camera. Will travel.

The best photography requires effort.

For years, Giles has packed up a camera and headed off for a photostroll — by car, on foot, even in a canoe. He’s traveled up and down the US East Coast, to the UK, and as far west as Texas, all in search of architecture and landscapes that would look great hanging on a wall . . . or used on a book cover.

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Blog: Foreword

Book design, photography, and much more

Giles Hoover’s blog, Foreword, highlights topics from book design to architecture to logos and branding to site content updates, including his latest photography.

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Wait. Who?

Mission, Profile and History

Mission: Great book design and awesome photography

Giles has worked with book design clients ranging from self-publishers to universities to worldwide corporations, taking the disparate pieces that make up a book’s identity and turning them into something that leaps off the shelf — sometimes by including original photography.

Giles has combined his love of architecture, nature, and details of all sorts into photographic prints folks are happy to frame and hang on the wall.

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