Have camera. Will travel.

The best photography requires effort.

For years, Giles has packed up a camera and headed off for a photostroll — by car, on foot, even in a canoe. (And that’s a real camera, too, not a cell phone.) He’s traveled up and down the US East Coast, to England, and as far west as Texas, all with camera in-hand, in search of architecture and landscapes that would look great hanging on a wall . . . or used on a book cover.

Architecture Photography

Constructing the most detailed imagery

Bill & Melinda Gates Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2018

Examined from someone who always aspired to be an architect (but who is too much an artist and not enough of an engineer, frankly), Giles’ first photographic love is architecture, architectural details, and detailed shots of buildings in meadows, forests, towns, and cities. From his current home in Georgia to locales all over the Eastern United States — and a few in England — he’s enjoyed few things more than exploring with camera in-hand, so all can share the passion. Museum-quality prints are available for your enjoyment or gift-giving pleasure.

Landscape Photography

Mountaintop to seaside

Tennessee Mountains from Newfound Gap, 2018

From the coasts of Maine and Florida to the peaks of the Blue Ridge, the Eastern United States has been a photographic playground for more than fifteen years. Whether the texture of tree bark, fields of flowers, mountain paths, or a beach paradise, Giles has specialized in the details that make up the whole. Again, museum-quality prints are available for your enjoyment or gift-giving pleasure.

Custom Photography

Bespoke imagery for your project

Crown at Church, Cambridge, UK, 2011

Whether a specific location, object, or even personality, projects sometimes require individualized photography. Giles excels at joining custom imagery with book design, graphic design, or promotional materials. Take your project to the next level with customization.

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A few of my favorite photographs from 2021 are posted below, or to enjoy some virtual travel, explore photographs posted in the media gallery. All are available for purchase as museum-quality prints, with optional matting and frames.

Note: The galleries are updated and expanded regularly. Notices are posted to Foreword.


Musician’s Smile, Bristol, Virginia, 2021
Catholic to the Sky, Macon, Georgia, 2021
Umbrella Overlook, Dublin, Georgia, 2021
(Methodist) Columns, Yatesville, Georgia, 2021
Kell Co. Wholesale Grocers, Fort Valley, Georgia, 2021
Rails and Juliette Mill, Juliette, Georgia 2021
(Sign of) Georgia College, Milledgeville, Georgia, 2021
Jack Tarver Library, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia, 2021
Angles of Education, Middle Georgia State University, Macon, Georgia, 2021
Business and University, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia, 2021
Dramatic Vogelstein Center, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, 2021
Pecan Alley, Fort Valley, Georgia, 2021
Good Things (Antiques), Yatesville, Georgia, 2021

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