Wait. Who?


Great book design and awesome photography

In book design, Giles has worked with clients ranging from self-publishers to universities to worldwide corporations, taking the disparate pieces that make up a book’s identity and turning them into something that leaps off the shelf — sometimes by including original photography.

In photography, Giles has combined his love of architecture, nature, and details of all sorts into items folks are happy to frame and hang on the wall.

His mission is to keep learning how to do both of those things better, day by day, project by project.


Lifelong learner

Giles constantly tries to add rather than subtract. Sanguine in philosophy, Giles continues to keep on top of changing technology: everything needed to produce great books, great imagery, and satisfied clients.

Photography by Gerald Lucas, Austin, Texas, December, 2016.

Social media? No.

Giles doesn’t have a Twitter account, walked away from Instagram’s ads and algorithms, believes Facebook has done more harm than good, and so on. Instead, he reads books, magazines, and newspapers. He enjoys galleries, parks, cities, and towns. He listens to music, preferably on a fantastic audio system. He hikes, canoes, and drives, always with a camera.


25+ years of creativity

  • Contractor for small presses and worldwide corporations
  • Graphic designer since the early 1990s
  • Book designer since the late ’90s
  • Photographer since the 1980s
  • Tech nerd since childhood
Photograph by Phillip Bradshaw, Sapelo Island, Georgia, May, 2007.