Book Design

Works and Days

7.5 x 11″ hardcover jacket & interior design
The Norman Mailer Society

A World Without Reality

8.5 x 11″ interior design

Cars for Comrades

6 x 9″ hardcover jacket
Cornell University

Glamour in Six Dimensions

6 x 9″ hardcover jacket
Cornell University

Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy

6 x 9″ trade paperback cover
Hunter House Publishers

The Mailer Review

6 x 9″ academic journal cover
University of South Florida

The Playmakers

11.5 x 10.5″ hardcover jacket and interior design
Keys Publishing

The Mammals of Costa Rica

6 x 9″ trade paperback cover
Cornell University

Have Computer. Will Design.

Organization and experience combined with talent.

A book designer with more than twenty years’ experience, Giles has worked on hundreds of titles — the samples above merely scratch the surface — and would be happy to work with you. He’s available to authors, publishers, and self-publishers wanting to bring their titles to a wider audience with sophisticated design.

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