A World Without Reality

This large interior design project, recently finished, was one of those — 600+ pages, huge numbers of illustrations and photographs, lots of customization, and lots of fun. Good stuff, that I’m now happy to share with the world.

It was designed with a mid-century-yet-contemporary vibe, with custom icons, specific color selections for the various sections, a custom “look” for the televisions advertisements, and full bleed (that is, the ink runs of the edges of the pages), all in support of the author’s story of one of America’s great toy designers and his, shall we say, eclectic life. As he says, “A World Without Reality.”

Some samples from the main body of this comprehensive title:

…And some from the back matter (note the different color scheme for this section):

The author/publisher, Bill Paxton, called the book design “amazing.” Works for me! Check out more or purchase a copy at marvinglassbook.com.