In Utah? Check out University of Utah’s Book Arts Program

“The rhythmic sounds of paper being cut, the letterpresses being used and the scent of ink drying — this world and program is hidden to most students at the U, but it is more than worth your attention. […] A wide range of classes are offered to students on all things book: bookbinding, letterpress printing, book design, paper making, artist books and several typography courses.”

In or near Virginia? Check out What’s Your Type

As they say, “Learning to print with rare book school.” This seems like a great opportunity to explore:

Rare Book School at the University of Virginia is dedicated to studying the history of the book as a cultural artifact and all that goes into making books (even digital texts), including the printing process. The school offers a range of courses in Charlottesville during the summer, as well as in several other major cities, to spread the “knowledge and expertise essential to the responsible stewardship of the historical archive in all its richness and pluriformity[.]”

Actual university courses in book design, the history of bookmaking, even letterpress. Good stuff.

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